Hungry Ghosts

by Dead Things Don't Bleed

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released October 9, 2013



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Dead Things Don't Bleed Austin, Texas

Founded in 2010 in Austin, Texas, Dead Things Don’t Bleed have been playing captivating shows for enthusiastic audiences throughout the past four years. Refining their genuine indie-rock sound all the while, this 4 piece band has infused a classic-rock tone with an updated indie feel; the results have been the electrifying, imaginative & creative sound they can now officially call their own. ... more

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Track Name: Body Bag II
call a wrecker and a fire truck
to the past year of bad luck
I wanna make myself clear
I need to get the fuck out of here
this old town has been
bringing me down
I'm tired of listening to the old sound
the only band that's any good
is never gonna be understood
they've got a sound
that you won't hear
cuz what they're saying is to near
you've locked your soul and closed the door
no leaking boundaries like before
before you got all cold and old
before you did like you where told
before you got to cool for school
well school is in right now you fool
so call the sheriff and the EMS
it's time we all felt some EMF
this ghost is hungry and wants some more
and wants to dance with you on this floor
the thirteenth time he comes around
he's gonna be singing with the crowd
about the life that he once lived
when he was too a stupid kid
just like you and all of them
who want to sing but don't listen
listen to what the preacher said
and all of them who are already dead
she's tap dancing with Gregory Hines
with new shoes that really shine
she'll get the wish that she deserves
her own pony and two desserts
the dream ain't dead
it lives and breathes
so talk to it and tell it things
tell it just what is in your heart
tell it which is your star
Track Name: It's Around
for a time there was nothing there
but then the flood gates opened up
with a tear
and it screamed let me out
oh let me out
for you can not stop what wants to howl
it was trapped for so long
help up in this town
had to hit rock bottom
for it to come out
you'll like to know when it's around
you'll like to go and seek it out
it's in the trees
it's in the street
it's in the past it's happening
right now
the blood is cold
the bodies warm
it's a curse and it's a prayer
it will follow what you say
it is dead
and it's alive
it's an open door
you have kicked to the floor
and it will be denied
a show of hands
for those who understand
a show of hands for those who don't
this is for you
Track Name: Not The One
step away if you need to
step away if you must
go ahead and walk out the door
if you've lost the trust
I don't need you in my life
I don't need you tonight
I don't need anyone
who don't feel it's right
you're a damn fool
to hurt what you love
and it only shows
that you're not the one
I will follow my heart today
try and make myself right
I will fall asleep tonight
with out you by my side
I'm tired of trying to please you
I'm tired of letting you down
if you really loved me
you would meet me on the ground
some songs are better left unsung
but this song is Not the one
Stop playing your stupid games
stop wasting my time
stop trying to make it work
when it's all a lie
give it up if you need to
give it up if you must
go ahead and walk out the door
if you've lost the trust
cuz you're not the one